About Us

About the IFC

The IFC is dedicated to creating an alternative to the current crop of fitness and bodybuilding shows, we aim to deliver a fair and transparent competition. The concept was born out of years of attending the very best fitness, bodybuilding and strongman competitions in the world and realising that something was missing from the industry. A show that blends them all to create a unique and challenging competition open to everyone regardless of their background and discipline and is not just based purely on aesthetics.

So many fitness competitors train hard all year round but only get to showcase their physique which is often a very subjective opinion not to mention the challenges it brings of trying to nail your condition for show day. We are looking for athletes to present a strong, healthy, toned physique which will also allow them to perform to the best of their ability when it comes to the events.

This is not a bodybuilding contest or a beauty pageant. This is a show designed to showcase and empower the competitors to train with a specific goal of bringing their ultimate performance and best physique to the stage.

Tauseef Asri

Founder of the IFC

An internationally recognised photographer within the Fitness and Bodybuilding industry he has worked with magazines such as Muscle & Fitness, FLEX, MuscleMag, Oxygen and Ultra-Fit. He has also been a key part of the judging panel for numerous fitness competitions.

Ruben Tabares

Elite Strength and Conditioning Coach, Nutritionist and Sports Thereapist.

One of the most in demand strength and conditioning coaches in the world. Boasting a client list with the likes of the former World Heaveyweight Champion boxer David Haye. Former light welterweight champion Amir Khan. Actor Mickey Rourke and rapper Tinie Tempah.

Peter Marcasciano

Specialist Strength and Conditioning and Physiotherapy.

With over 30 years experience Peter specializes in sports-specific rehabilitation, bio-mechanics, stretching, strength, and power generation, fat loss, and nutritional strategies for optimum well-being and performance. A regular guest speaker for the country’s top training providers for over 20 years designing and delivering training courses for aspiring personal trainers and sports therapists, many of whom now hold key positions in the health/sports/fitness industry. His list of clients ranges from world champions to celebrities.